Angel Feathers angel feathers

A – B – C – D – E – F

Blackbird: Singing, understanding the energy of mother Earth

Buzzard: Death and rebirth, developing new vision

Chicken: Security, new beginnings, sexuality

Crane: Longevity, creativity

Crow: Council, wisdom, initiative, secret magic

Duck: Protection, emotional peace, instinct

Eagle: Power, lighting, freedom, eye for detail, groundbreaking

Flemish jay: Ingenuity, adaptability, the use of power in a positive sense

G – H – I – J – K – L – M

Goose: Travel, quests, awakening

Gull: Responsibility, subtle communication, protection, harvest

Hawk: Messenger, concentration, attention, truth, overview, power

Heron: Balance, meditation, patience

Hummingbird: Happiness, beauty, speed, vigilance, lightness, messenger

inspiration, courage, healing, creativity

Jackdaw: Monogamy, adaptability

Kingfisher: Prosperity, love

Magpie: Intelligence, occult knowledge, protection, happiness

N – O – P – Q – R – S

Owl: Wisdom, clairvoyance, knowledge, bringer of dreams

Parakeet: High morals and be consistent

Partridge: Ability to work independently, fertility, female energy

Peakock: Pride, beauty, self-confidence, arrogance, beauty

Pheasant: Expansion of self-knowledge

Pigeon: Peace and love, fertility and understanding of gentleness

Raven: Magic, spirituality, dreams, duality, destiny, mystery

Robin: Safety, cheerfulness, melancholy, teasing

Rooster: The start of something new, hope, sexuality, resurrection

Sparrow: Desire, confidential, manifestation of new love, shy

Swan: Loyalty, truth, beauty, self-knowledge

T – U – V – W – X – Y – Z

Thrush: Passionate, gifted, restless, sensible, agile, bold

Turkey: Abundance, courage, sharing, sacrifice for a higher purpose

Vulture: Death, rebirth, purification

White pigeon: Peace and love

Woodpecker: Rhythm, insight, healing love

Wren: Boldness, ingenuity


White feathers: Protection, purification, cleanliness, love, light. Also a sign that a beloved loved one has passed on.

Pink feathers: Symbolizes the unconditional love (which angels have for you) And it is a reminder that you can always tune in to universal love.

Red feathers: Vitality, stability, power, life force, passion and courage.

Orange feathers: Creativity, listening to your inner voice, staying positive, attracting success.

Purple feathers: Spirituality, transformation of the negative, increase of clairvoyance.

Yellow feathers: A reminder to be in the here and now. Alertness, focus on your heart’s wishes.

Green feathers: Abundance and finances, opportunities, health, love.

Blue feathers: Peace, consciousness, a memory to listen.

Gray feathers: Keep inner peace. Gray is neutral, perhaps the answer to a question is not yes / no or black and white, but the answer is more nuanced.

Brown feathers: Grounding, stability, respect, positivity. Balance between psyche and spirituality.

Black feathers: Protection of your angels, they bring wisdom and give magic.