Meaning Candles

Meaning Candles

Candle Flames

Blue Flame: The candle has a bluish flame

  • The intentions are strong that you have given the candle. If you still want to add some extra power, you can now burn a second candle.
  • You can delve a little more into what you want to achieve, but further steps are still needed.
  • There is no need to wait to execute an idea. Now is a good time to get started. You may light a candle to support your new idea.

Red Flame: Flame color is most red

  • If you have given the candle a wish in the field of love, a red color in the flame is a favorable sign.
  • If you see the reddish glow in the evening, there is a good chance that a financial success will be achieved
  • There is so much passion and power in your wish that you don’t have to worry, it’s all right.

Yellow Flame: Yellow is the color of the flame

  • Yellow flame is positive power. The brighter the yellow is, the more powerful the candle’s energy is.
  • A dark yellow flame means work in progress, it’s almost ready, just a little patience.
  • The candle has powerful healing energy, make sure your intentions match the energy of the candle.

The flame burns normally and calmly: Everything is fine.

The flame burns well: you are listened to carefully.

The flame sometimes makes a vibrating movement: your current situation changes. This can be positive or negative.

The flame trembles and is somewhat uncertain: a disappointment arrives or an argument with a loved one.

The flame is very small (low light): be careful when making an important decision.

The flame makes a gentle dancing movement: an “energy” wants you to know that he or she is there for you.

The flame seems to aim downwards and does not touch liquid candle wax: a sign of danger. This does not have to be a literal danger, but you may be thinking about something that is not right for you.

The flame revolves spirally around its own axis: indicates the presence of people or spirits who want to bring evil to your house (or a person).

The flame suddenly goes out: disaster report. If the extinguishing goes gradually then you better start again, perhaps the goal you give the candle is not in order and you have to adjust this.

If the tip of the fire tongue has a light color: success, happiness and improvement of the current condition. If the glow only lasts a while, the windfall also only lasts a while. The general rule is that everything you give another will come back 3 times … this applies to all positive and negative issues. Consider this very well before you give an assignment or wish to a candle.

Candle Colors

Red: Love, energy, power, passion, lust, courage, power, self-confidence, romance, atmosphere, health, willpower,

Orange: Attraction, stimulation, encouragement, adaptability, creativity, success, mental cleansing, stimulation, psychic power, insight.

Yellow: Intelligence, dreams, self-confidence, knowledge, visions, mental power, sun.

Green: Fertility, money, inner growth, beauty, work, success, happiness, prosperity.

Blue: Healing, wisdom, limitless possibilities, trust, truth, healing, cleansing the soul, hope, protection, creativity, communication, predictive dreams, friendship, removing fears, against negative energy.

Purple: Inspiration, spiritual, physical power, spiritual growth, knowledge, wisdom, increasing capacities, psychic, independence, power, healing.

Pink: Love, friendship, reconciliation, harmony, peaceful sleep, romance, emotions, honor, loyalty, femininity, balance, insight.

Brown: Wisdom, protection, earth magic, animal magic, friendship, favors, balance, concentration, house, earthing.

White: Vitality, power, energy, moon magic, purity, purity, spirituality, healing, peace, meditation, truth, spiritual power, protection, joy.

Silver: Intuition, sudden insights, dreams, clairvoyance, female power, stability.

Gold: Success, prosperity, recognition, ambitions, luck, wealth.