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Black Dragons

Unfortunately the Black Dragon are often misunderstood. They are often seen as evil. However, the black dragon believe in justice and revenge. This type of dragon values truth and freedom. These dragon appear when you need a protector. Once they have made themselves known to you, they will often get through to you for many years. Black dragons come from caves and caverns. Thank them with the scents of incense.

Crystal Dragons

This is a strange kind of dragon. They come from the dream worlds and thrive on imagination and wishes. A crystal dragon are often the muses for creation. Thank them with a story or drawing.

Golden Dragons

The golden dragon have a big shape. Energy of a golden dragon often comes across as a feeling of boredom. They can often help you with knowledge and money. The golden dragon often show themselves in the moments when you have to watch out or when someone needs more protection. Also do they often appear when you are looking for hidden knowledge. They prefer to be thanked in a gift of money or a glittering object. The golden dragon originate from mines and forgotten places.

Green dragons

Green dragons are part of the elemental basis of the earth. They reside in the woods and can help you to grow further or to return to the original self. The dragon stay with you for an average of 10-15 years. Thank this dragon with white flowers, green plants or pure soil from a forest

Red Dragons

This beautiful dragon is the masters of the mountains and are part of the element of fire. A Red dragon excel in healing, both physically and emotionally. They move on the wind. Thy say that this kind of dragon is still regularly observed when they fly over the mountains. Thank these dragon with crystals

Skeleton Dragons

The skeleton dragon is often misunderstood and seen as a sign of death or evil. This dragon represent completion in all its forms. They are predominantly space dragons. The skeletons are the largest species of all dragons that are commonly known. A dragon of this kind will help you to end all things that no longer serve you. Thank them with flowers, a space object or drawing of stars.

White Dragons

These are often seen as gifts from a divine being. The white dragon are excellent friends in difficult times. Some have two or three heads. The appearance means a gift from the spirit world and a shoulder to cry on. Thank them with gratitude and praise.