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The Master Number 11: INSPIRATION

The true 11 has intuition and spiritual insight. Is full of fire, very purposeful and generally inventive and idealistic. The 11 is at the same time a dreamer and often a mystic, he does not turn around it and goes straight for his goal! The master number 11 is capable of developing dynamic forces and has insight, intuitive understanding, leadership abilities and the ability to make a decision quickly. Loves beauty, music, poetry and other forms of art. He likes to be in the company of people who have a stimulating effect on others spiritually. The 11 itself can be a source of inspiration for others.

The 11 has great power and strength, if this is not used with particular caution, then the negative sides of this figure quickly come to the fore: It is then impractical, one lives aimlessly. A negative 11 can be quite stingy and jealous, lazy and totally lacking in understanding, is also capable of imposing their will on others, can also be fanatic, haughty, unfair and “devilish”.

The assignment for the master number 11 is: to serve humanity completely “unselfishly”. It is also important to firmly hold on to own ideals as 11 so that they do not get lost in this materialistic world. This vibration develops the greatest plans that can lead to incredible results. Here there is a question of strength and power at every level, insight into human nature, purpose and moral elevation. An 11 has organizational talent, developed intuition and has tact and expertise. The 11 is kind to the people, enjoys traveling, ability and cooperation. Older souls first live the life cycle 2, 4 and 6 before one comes to the high vibrations.

The Master Number 22: THE BUILDING MASTER

This vibration develops grand plans that lead to incredible results. You are inspired by visions that you can then put into practice. Here there is power and power at every level, insight into human nature, purpose and moral elevation. You have organizational talent, a thoroughly developed intuition and you have tact and skills. You are kind to people, you like traveling, skills and cooperation. If you use this number in its most positive sense, you can attain the position of a master analyst in any field.

A negative 22 expresses itself in a bombastic task, he constantly beats himself on the chest and walks all kinds of devious ways to earn as much money as possible. Is indifferent and doing a service to other people is done with great reluctance. A negative 22 often suffers from an inferiority complex, is revengeful and often lapses into black magic and criminal practices.

It is up to the person to decide whether and how the great power and power of this number is used; because everything can be used (to a certain extent) in a positive or negative way.

The assignment for the master number 22 is: Just like for the master number 11, the assignment here is mainly devoted to: serving humanity selflessly.


The Master Number 33 is the most powerful and powerful of all numbers and means conscious spiritual service. It is Love in the Divine sense of the word; in this regard it knows no bounds. Absolute tolerance, patience and understanding; putting Universal laws of harmony into service, service to the people at the highest level with the elimination of any kind of self-interest, detachment from the material, that is the 33. This number can reach the highest degree of spiritual awareness and almost always there is Incredible psychic power and great skill. There is very little that is not within the reach of a 33 and how great that power and power is used depends on the soul that responds to this vibration. The high vibrations are not expressed until the soul has completely completed the cycle of numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8. The gifts of the 33 goes together with a very great responsibility for man, it brings unity between the physical (the earthly body) and the spiritual world.

The negative aspects of the 33 are the same as those of the 6, but then intensified and therefore much more destructive. A negative 33 can be full of anxiety complexes and worry terribly, the tendency to become a busy person, narrow-minded, depending on a much too conservative. A negative 33 can be cynical, selfish, suspicious, a home tyrant, jealous and full of misplaced pity that doesn’t help anyone. The number 6 must be used to display an excessive urge to possess. Since only old and very experienced souls are “blessed” with this Master number, the negative qualities rarely manifest themselves. Someone who falls for this, usually comes back quite quickly from his mistakes. The assignment for the Master number 33 is: The 33 must try to come fully to the realization that the person in question indeed has a “master soul” and with that enormous power, power and skill. At the same time, that person must be aware that this places a very great responsibility on him, that goes together with these gifts.

For all Master numbers (11, 22 and 33) it applies that if one does not walk the “spiritual” way, the “normal” number is indulged. Most people live the normal number instead of a master number. A list with the meaning of the normal numbers can be found below.

Number 0

The female, the unconscious, the absolute or hidden, comprehensive. Infinity, the emptiness, the unmanifested, indescribable and unknown emptiness from which the diversity of life was created and eventually returns to it

Number 1

A start, the first, origin, the foundation of existence. The original, undivided unity, which symbolizes the beginning. The 1 stands alone, on its own and usually on a forward post. He is the initiator, the creator, the pioneer; a person who is truly independent and who bears witness to individuality, originality and drive. He sets the pace, is the leader, the conductor. This is the number of the activity, the incentive, the willpower, the initiative, the urge to possess, the power and the inventiveness. He has courage, believes in himself and in his ideas, wishes to be different from others, masters of his own mind and lifestyle. Acts quickly and is intelligent, can be a pioneer and rebels against the authority of others.

In a negative sense, the number 1 represents someone who likes to postpone everything, is stubborn, lazy dependent, selfish and weak in character. Such a person tends to be selfish, has a restraining effect on others, is tyrannical and loves to contradict. He always tries to play the boss and runs over everyone. The biggest danger that threatens the 1 is self-centeredness. What the 1 should develop in the first place is a friendly attitude and a great interest towards his fellow people.

To learn: More friendly attitude and greater interest towards others.

Number 2

This energy indicates connection, cooperation, love, marriage or divorce. The 2 is certainly not someone who prefers solitude, on the contrary the company of others, belonging to the 2 is more or less indispensable. The 2 is often interested in occult matters. The 2 has a lot of Love to give and wishes to be of service to others; is tactful, charming, receptive, meek, very sensitive, sensitive and diligent. Loves order and cleanliness and has an eye for details. Can be very analytical and strives for equilibrium that has been achieved by eliminating contradictions. He generally adapts easily, is modest, patient, friendly and loves music.

The number 2 must get to know the value of discipline, must try to build a more positive attitude to life and choose a goal and then pursue it with conviction and strength. The negative 2 is indifferent, carefree, dissatisfied and over-sensitive; he has little character, intimidates others and is full of criticism. Lack of courage, is shy, grumpy, moody and hot. Can be sulking, cruel and cruel. Pessimism and lying are also some unpleasant traits that can fall under the number 2.

To learn: Discipline, more positive attitude to life, pursuing a goal.

Number 3

The number 3 has a great need for self-expression and often expresses itself in the field of art, through literary performances or in the field of entertainment. Basically the number 3 is made up of three parts: physical, mental and spiritual; these usually come out in the form of imagination, intellect and intuition.

The 3 likes to talk and uses not only his mouth but also the hands. He loves life and rarely worries, he is an optimist by nature. He represents youth, happiness, imagination, inspiration, talent and charm. Is a testament to good taste; is friendly, loving, popular and engaging, sensitive, intelligent and a generous host. Loves to dance, to colors, to everything that is beautiful and has a sense of size.

A negative 3 is dreary, extravagant, vain, superficial, too critical, jealous, pivotal, intolerant and insignificant. Has a tendency to gossip and you can be very hypocritical, worries about nothing and constantly feels wrongly hurt in his pride and is also rather cowardly. A 3 is constantly in need of expressing his feelings, and runs the risk of many chattering getting the name of a nasty whiner who is nowhere welcome. He says what he wants, the moment he wants it and knows of no stopping, he absolutely does not think of others!

The 3 must develop self-control and patience, he must learn to concentrate better.

To learn: Develop, self-control, patience and concentration.

Number 4

The number 4 is practical, patient, accurate, correct and reliable, it has endurance, is economical and can organize well. It is conservative, loyal, conscientious, punctual, energetic and generally an excellent employee. He is a hard worker, logical thinking, analytical, always mentally and physically busy and is accurate. The 4 has an eye for detail and proportions, is dedicated, patriotic and dignified, unemotional, trustworthy and loves things that require concentration. Is convinced that people have to fight hard for everything they want to achieve.

The negative 4 can easily fall into petty mood; then he feels visibility inhibited and becomes a splatter. His performance is brutal and cruel, he is vulgar, jealous, cold, strict and boring. Can lose himself in trivialities, become curt, violent, insensitive and destructive. Is full of hatred and animal instincts. A 4 has to be careful not to get stuck and to focus more on the cheerful side of life.

Learn to be a little more tolerant, don’t cling to survived views and open your mind to the new.

To learn: Develop, tolerance, opening up to the new.

Number 5

Most people who fall under the number 5 show freedom in thought, word and deed. The 5 is versatile, changeable and progressive, he has adaptability and understanding for others. He is adventurous, inquisitive and has human knowledge. Loves to travel and wants to enjoy life in fullness. Loves socializing and people around you, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. He has a clear mind and is very friendly, knows how to rejuvenate everything around them and to breathe new life into it and can discreetly influence people.

In a negative sense, the number 5 lacks a sense of responsibility, is carefree and gives in just too much to itself. It is thoughtless, inconsistent and inclined to postpone everything until “tomorrow.” He also testifies to bad taste. If the negative 5 lets go, he decays to pervesity and shows strange sexual tendencies, and becomes addicted to drugs or becomes addicted to drugs. Too much food also often occurs.

The number 5 should develop properties such as patience and loyalty, make sure you have a goal in your life.

To learn: Set a goal, develop, patience and loyalty.

Number 6

This energy indicates love, the number 6 could be called the cosmic father or mother, loving, caring, understanding, full of compassion and cordiality. Someone who is very homely and who would like to mother everyone he meets. Wishes to live in harmony and strives for stability, steadfastness and justice. Can be a house sparrow and is a natural-born counselor who always seeks to raise the level. The 6 is idealistic, conscientious, committed and balanced; has a need to serve others, but must be careful not to impose his services or to offer them unsolicited.

A negative 6 can be full of anxiety complexes and worry terribly, tends to become busy. Can be narrow-minded, dependent and far too conservative. Has trouble giving up something more; always the feeling that they were more or less forced to do so. Can be cynical, selfish, distrustful, a home tyrant, jealous and full of misplaced pity that doesn’t help anyone.

The number 6 must protect itself from displaying a too strong urge to possess. You must learn to see when it is better to leave the other person alone so that he learns to stand up for himself.

To learn: To see to leave others alone

Number 7

This energy indicates philosophy, contemplation, spirituality or discussion, and additionally isolation, study and wisdom. The 7 is the true spiritual prince who engages in self-contemplation and loves technical details and scientific research, interested in the facts. The 7 also stands for inner wisdom and guidance and with that you are spiritual, intuitive and generally full of faith and trust. Loves silence and tranquility around him, can think about everything that is important to him and in activities he primarily focuses on quality. In balanced and civilized, has wisdom and strives for perfection. The “last word” can almost always be expected from a 7, often an expert in the field of what he is talking about. Moreover, he is generous and sensitive; can keep particularly good secrets.

In a negative sense, the 7 is melancholy, inescapable, sarcastic, skeptical, confused, and shy, nervous and deceptive, it lacks confidence. can become a thief and touch the drink. He must also ensure that he does not pull back too much and become a recluse. Although he prefers to be alone, you must ensure that you do not feel lonely. You must try to understand others better and release yourself from your fears and depression.

To learn: Learn to understand, releasing anxiety and depression.

Number 8

This energy indicates money that enters or leaves and the associated problems. This is still the power or, if things go wrong, an extension of your negative past… The number 8 represents the power on a material level and with that success in this area. This success comes about through a good ability to judge, the necessary gifts and talents to put things into practice, tactfully and purposefully. The 8 shows us material freedom, natural authority, leadership capacities, practical sense, discernment, self-confidence and control, diplomatic gifts and absolute reliability. Is polite and intelligent and has excellent discernment makes him an ideal critic. The 8 works best in the money and business world.

A negative 8 can be very hard, materialistic and tolerant. He is an intrigant and a power lust. Can suffer from tensions and worry, is carefree, not discernible and wastes its powers. Desires to be recognized under all circumstances, in the worst case he is cruel, unscrupulous and tyrannical.

The number 8 must learn to be tolerant and honest and be careful not to become overly materialistic.

To learn: tolerant and honesty, do not become too materialistic.

Number 9

Nine is the only number whose arithmetic operations can be reduced to nine each time, and in that sense is a digit of eternity. Example: 9 + 9 = 18 1 + 8 = 9 3 × 9 = 27 2 + 7 = 9, etc.

This energy indicates the end and the denouement, loss and profit, and always emotions. The number 9 is for learning to spread love on a universal level. This is not at all as impossible as it may seem and certainly not for 9. In many cases, the number 9 indicates that the other figures have already been worked through. Since 9 is a composition of the other numbers, we consider this figure to be the number of perfection.

A 9 is merciful and humane by nature, proves his services to be completely selfless. Is spiritual, romantic, sensitive and has magnetic attraction, intuition and a sense of responsibility. Works efficiently, is very cooperative, creative and independent… Knows the deeper meaning of the word freedom and therefore the value of discipline and control; has many artistic gifts and a broad view of the world and life. His assignment is to think of others first and only then of yourself, if he sits down, then health, wealth and love will be a part of him.

Negative sides of 9 are sentimentality, lack of practical insight, daydreams, self-centeredness, hypersensitivity, capriciousness, bitterness, immoral behavior, vulgarity, tactless, cold and an indifferent selfish character. The 9 urgently needs balance, he must learn to control his feelings and set a clear goal, something that is not naturally in his nature.

To learn: First think of others together; become balanced, controlling feelings, set a clear goal.