Totem Animals

Totem Animals Dromedary
Totem Animals

A – B

Albatros: Good omen for the future, freedom, protection of shipping.
Alligator: Survival drive, strength, patience, timid, cunning.

Ant: Diligent, patient, team spirit, neat, orderly, smart.
Antelope: Strong instinct, speed, grace, innocence, agile, scary.
Armadillo: Protection, security, safety.

Badger: Persistent, independence, all-rounder, structure, cleverness.
Bat: Rebirth, guide, change, insight, health, prosperity, intuition.
Bear: Powerful, reliable, protection, dreams, inner knowing, healing, patience
Beaver: Shaping, collaboration, harmony, hard worker.
Bee: Looking ahead, organizing, collecting, collaboration, progressive, hard worker.
Beetle: Timid, fun, casual, freedom, change. Bison: Social skill, work, challenges, growth, wisdom.

Blackbird: Rhythm, spiritual, healer, close family.
Blue Jay: Connection, resourcefulness, adaptability, spiritual, endurance, power.
Blue tit: Agile, happiness, truth.
Boar: Nurturing, eager, freedom, self-confidence, homely.
Buffalo: Abundance, prosperity, calmness, great power, good speaker.
Bullfinch: Diligent, peaceful, caring, careful, vain, easy-going.
Bumblebee: Secrets, service, collaboration, creativity, wealth, wisdom, rebirth.
Butterfly: Transformation, magic, beauty, balance, love, freedom.
Buzzard: Death and rebirth, new vision, letting go, single, vision.

C – D

Camel: Endurance, good-natured, toughness, independence.
Canary: Lonely, sweet, rhythm, forward look, let go.
Cancer: Affection, helpfulness, hard worker.
Cardinal Bird: Speed, agile, homey, strong.
Cat: Independence, energy balance, mystery, pride, self-assurance, love.
Centipede: Flexible, disorder, rhythm, jealousy, decisiveness, laziness, loyal, domestic.
Chameleon: Change, speed, agile, thoughtful, calm, clairvoyance, spirituality.

Cheetah: Speed, self-knowledge, balance, agile, responsiveness.
Chicken: Security, new beginnings, sexuality.
Cockatoo: Curious, friendly, elegant, graceful, meek, wise.
Condor: Freedom, strength, hostile, good-humored.
Coot: Loneliness, protection of the territory, seclusion.
Cow: Slow, strong, urge to survive, social.
Coyote: Confident, metamorphosis, balance, intelligence, cunning.

Crane: Wealth, balance, beauty.
Cricket: Gossiping, uncertain, forward-looking, materialistic.
Crocodile: Survival, patience, strength, protection.
Crow: Advice, wisdom, magic, warning of evil, messenger, protection, clairvoyant, alert.
Cuckoo Bird: Speed, release, vigilance.

Damselfly: Unearthly, ethereal beauty.
: Meek, friendly, camouflage, innocence, over sensitive.
Dog: Friendship, loyalty, loyalty, protector, docility, cunning.
Dolphin: Freedom, curious, harmony, playful, fun, communication, cheerfulness, magic, harmony.
Donkey: Intelligence, perseverance, too good for others, sweet, forgiving.
Dragon: Spiritual Magic, dreams, wealth, protection, power, helpful, higher self, development. Click here to read more about dragons.
Duck: Emotional calm, instinct, trust, calm, balance.

E – F – G

Eagle: Power, enlightenment, self-healing, passionate, freedom, eye for detail, groundbreaking.
Earthworm: Perseverance, self-healing, imputable, secrets, transformation.
Elephant: Strength, cooperation, good memory, motherly.
Ermine: Agility, social, freedom, strong will, clairvoyance.

Falcon: Messenger, keen observer, freedom.
Firefly: Communication, appreciation, lighting, beauty.
Fish: Fertility, harmony, wealth, inner peace.
Fox: Cunning, camouflage, evasion, invisible, discretion, beware of enemies.
Frog: Peace, healing, pleasure, transformation, evolution, love, cleansing.

Gecko: Happiness and protection, smart, individual, psychic, old soul.
Gems: Striving for new heights, steadfastness, all-rounder, Indians, guru.
Giraffe: Overview, hyperopia, higher intuition.
Goat: Perseverance, flexibility, powerful, playful, attention tractor.
Goose: Traveling, bringing good news, socializing, homeliness, team spirit.
Grasshopper: Big leaps forward, silence, destructive, dreams, magic, mystery.
Great Tit: Cheerfulness, truthfulness, illusion, carefree.
Grebe: Elegant, self-knowledge, reckless, luxurious, arrogant.
Guinea pig: Love, softness, warmth, sense of rhythm, restless.
Gull: Responsibility, subtle communication.

H – I – J

Hawk: Messenger, concentration, attention, truth, awareness, power.
Hedgehog: Self-preservation, innocence, setting up spines.
Heron: Balance, meditation, patience.
Hippopotamus: Laziness, carelessness, purification, power, power, old soul, self-assured.
Horse: Agile, speed, freedom, clairvoyance, stability, mood, meekness, strength, friendship.
Hummingbird: Happiness, beauty, speed, elegant, vigilance, messenger, passion.

Jackdaw: Adaptability, faithfulness, survival.
Jaguar: Wealth, grandeur, good money handling, courage, strength, speed.
Jay: ingenuity, adaptability, active, social, inquisitive, sporty, teacher.
Jellyfish: Selfish, balance, doer, purification, transparency.

K – L – M

Kangaroo: With big leaps forward, balance, perseverance, self-confidence and fighting spirit.
Kingfisher: Loyalty, caring, prosperity, love
Koala: Calm, caring, tolerance, friendly, everyone’s friend.
Koi carp: Wealth, prosperity, future and love, sensational.

Ladybug: Fun, trust, happiness, innocence.
Lam: Innovation, new opportunities, reunification, family, emotional balance.
Leopard: Power, vitality, alert, sharp.
Libelle: Visions alert, breaking illusions, change, purifying, making choices.
Lion: Strength, pride, energy, strong willpower, leader, business, enthusiasm, passion.
Lizard: Dreaming, letting go, avoiding, calmness, visions.
Llama: Speed, irritable, daring, calm, calm, curious.
Lynx: Invisible, seeing the truth, secrets, cunning.

Magpie: Intelligence, occult knowledge, guardian spirit, thief, illusion, extremes.
Marmot: Dreams, careful, vigilant, study, magic.
Meerkat: Social, alert, affectionate, funny, energetic, friendly.
Mole: Hard worker, secrets, dream world, lies, diligent, communication.
Monkey: Cunning, cheerful, friendship, intelligent, flexible, loyal, forgiving.
Moose: Pride, power, endurance, power, vigilance.
Moth: Beauty, optimism, grace, sensuality, passion, magic, visions, divination.
Mouse: Curious, confident, eye for detail, resourcefulness, innocence, speed, happiness.

N – O – P

Octopus: Mystery, camouflage, agility, intelligence, concentration.
Orca: Primal strength, patience, fantasy, communication, rhythm, sensitive.
Otter: Curious, cheerful, friendship, cooperation, pleasure.
Owl: Wisdom, clairvoyance, knowledge, dreams, magic, new opportunities.
Oyster: Confidentiality, patience, wisdom, money, power.

Panda bear: Protection, love, playful, warmth, spontaneous.
Panther: Super sensitive, patient, brave, ruthlessness, muscles, strength, instinct.
Parrot: Communication, love, socializing, friendly, protective.
Partridge: Independent, fertility, female energy.
Peakock: Pride, beauty, self-confidence, arrogance.
Pelican: Abundance, generous, pleasant, sensible, meek.
Penguin: Dreams, perseverance, play, patience, coolness, rhythm.
Pheasant: Fertility, sexuality, stimulus, showing off, power.

Pig: Prosperity, eagerness, pregnancy, fertility.
Pigeon: Love, peace, friendship, trust, fertility.
Polar bear: Healing, wisdom, lonely, death and rebirth, transformation.
Porcupine: Gentle, loving, innocence, trust, caution, rough, resistance.
Possum: flexible, orientation, prosperity, passion.
Praying mantis: prophet, fortuneteller, power of silence, rituals.
Puma: Purification, power, territory, energy, harmony, vigilant, justice.

Q – R – S

Rabbit: Care, growth, fertility, happiness, abundance.
Raccoon: Healing, purity, daring, intelligence, cunning, tenacious, purification.
Ram: Determination, strength, careless, vain.
Rat: Success, intelligent, restlessness, clutter, power.
Raven: Magic, spirituality, dreams, duality, destiny, mystery.
Red Deer: Love, defense, kindness, innocence.
Rhino: Wisdom, loneliness, moodiness, presence, daring.
Robin: Safety, cheerful, love, incantation, homely, accommodating.
Roe deer: Gentle, graceful, kindness, innocence, generosity.
Rooster: Hope, sexuality, resurrection, risk taker.

Salamander: Dreams, timing, patience, smart.
Salmon: Proud, energetic, enthusiastic, just, change.
Scorpio: Self-protection, defense, sharp, dangerous, reaction speed, thinker, cunning.
Sea lion: Stupid, cheerful, satisfied.
Seagull: Freedom, carefree, wind, water, overview, clairvoyant.
Seahorse: Freedom, elegant, graceful.
Seal: Change, protection, lucid dreaming, good faith, opportunities.

Shark: Surviving, warrior, conspiring, waiting.
Sheep: Warmth, inner peace, loyal, team spirit, practical.
Skunk: Enforcing Respect, Secret, Disguise, Arrogant, Defense.
Sloth: Patient, balance, freedom, speed, quickly satisfied.
Snail: Long-term relationship, stable, trusting.
Snake: Transformation, rebirth, health, fertility, faith, mystery, power, medicine.

Song Thrush: Wisdom, rhythm, communication, building, talent.
Sparrow: Smart, cheeky, confident, shy, caution.
Spider: Connection between past, present and future, diligent, go-getter, creativity, talent, mystery, skill.
Sprew: Playful, smart, cheerfulness, togetherness, illusion.
Squirrel: Energy, social feeling, mindfulness, playfulness, loving, trust.

Stork: Presbyopic, new beginning, early happiness, letting go, recognition, harmony, caring.
Sturgeon: Dominance, elite, happiness, erotic, wealth.
Swan: Future, dreams, elegance, nurturing, beauty, traveling, happiness, achieving goals.
Sword Whale: Patience, fantasy, primal power, fighting spirit.

T – U – V

Taurus: Fertility, tough, strong, perseverance.
Thrush: Passionate, gifted, restless, wit, agility, wanting to be heard, recognition.
Tiger: Energy, power, courage, beauty, loyalty, perseverance.
Tit: Independence, spontaneous, attracting happiness.
Trout: Being able to handle your emotions well, balance, wisdom, knowledge, splendor.
Turkey: Abundance, courage, sharing, friendship, close bond.
Turtle: Love, brave, loyal, health, patience.

Vulture: Death, rebirth, purification, new ways.

W – X – Y – Z

Weasel: Observation, sneaky, secrets, loner.
Whale: Harmony, creativity, inspiration, old knowledge, family, communication, rhythm, intuition.
White dove: Peace, love, new opportunity, purification, being together.
Wildebeest: Humor, boisterous, cheerful, temperamental.
Wolf: Creative, intuitive, freedom, loyal, intelligence, protection.
Woodpecker: Perseverance, predictions, rhythm, change.
Wren: Cheerful, cheerful, vitality, new beginning.

Zebra: Power, alertness, community, protection, domestic.
Zwaluw: Good news, travel, perseverance, survival, overview.