Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Butterflies are beautiful insects that often have beautifully colored wings. We have butterflies that are only active during the day, most of the butterflies are moths, some of them are also active during the day. The fastest butterflies fly up to 45 km per hour. Worldwide there are about 160,000 species, butterflies are found in almost every area.

Many people see it as a sign of a deceased loved one when a butterfly flutters around them or comes to sit with them. What does the departed Soul want to tell you? Below we have elaborated on some of the spiritual meanings of the butterflies.

Abraxas grossulariata: Go have fun and don’t see life as black and white. Give your life more color! Put a smile on your face and enjoy all the beautiful little things that life has to offer. Don’t worry so much about things you don’t have much control over. Give your energy to things you want and focus on the positive side of life. Then you will be a beautiful flower that is blooming again.

Aglais io: You have a very clear view of the world. You see through the intentions of people very well, spiritually you are very strong. You are also able to see further than some others can because you have such a clear view. You could mean something to others with this, you can help them by giving you insights. Because of your warm personality you are able to attract people to you, sometimes you are like a magnet. That warmth and your kindness can also have a healing effect on people. Because of your high vibration in energy, you unconsciously also raise the vibration of others.

Aglais urticae: You’re always on the go, sitting still is something you don’t do much with. Let it all go. Keeping the reins tight in your hands again and again, afraid that someone else will do something. Set the bar a little lower and you will have much more space to enjoy what is happening around you. If you keep rushing through, you really miss a lot of beautiful moments. So enjoy all those wonderful moments to come.

Aphantopus hyperantus: You are a real house sparrow, house, tree and animal is a term that really suits you. Sometimes you have a little bit of energy, it seems that you can not fully charge. Go out more often, walk in the woods and just walk around the block. You are too much between four walls so take a break regularly. Also take a look at a gemstone or mineral, these can help you stay better in balance with your energy.

Araschnia levana: (Spring, First Generation): There’s a lot going on in your life, it’s like you’re flying from hot to hot. It is now time to rest. Stop by and enjoy all the beauty you can surround yourself with. See the beautiful environment you are in to enjoy its beauty. You have worked hard lately, especially on yourself, you will now notice a few things. You will have the fruits thrown in your lap in the coming time.

Araschnia levana: (summer/autumn, Second Generation): Spiritually you have taken it easy, now you can experience more. You can take a whole new path, you can now spread your wings and fly to your next destination. On the way to your destination you will gain beautiful experiences, these will make you strong and powerful. When you arrive at your destination you will have to sit down with your nose in the books because there is a lot to learn. Take your rest moments in time so that you stay fit and you can flutter from one beautiful flower to another. You are a beloved butterfly when you flutter, have faith in yourself.

Arctia caja: If this butterfly dances around you or comes to sit with you, it means that a deceased Soul from your former Soul Group is visiting you. This one is coming to see how you are doing! You have a very special bond and know that if you need help, you can call on the Soul if you really can’t figure it out yourself. This Soul will continue to follow you in this lifetime until you come back into the Soul Group.

Argynnis paphia: You are always helping others. All you have to do is give someone a yell and you’re ready to help the next one. You have a very big heart and a lot of love for everyone around you, even for people you don’t know at all. Pulling people out of a deep valley, that is well spent on you. With enormous enthusiasm you put your shoulders under it as long as it is necessary. You are someone who is true gold!

Celastrina argiolus: want to let someone know that you need to open up your gifts much more. You still have a way to go so take your time to learn. Explore the possibilities that come your way and see where your limits lie. A teacher will soon come your way, who will show you how powerful the tree (tree is yourself) makes its roots. There are wise lessons to be learned so be open to them and take the pearls that are placed in your hand.

Gonepteryx rhamni: With your head held high, you can handle this situation, have confidence in yourself. You are always there for others, make sure that there is a healthy balance in the give and take. It’s okay to say no for once and choose for yourself. On an emotional level, take your time to heal, do fun things so that you have more relaxation. Gemstones and minerals can also help you become more empowered and create a better balance in your energy.

Leptidea sinapis: Be careful who you put your trust in, because you are so pure and pure of energy that others can abuse it. If something doesn’t feel right, say stop and learn to say no more often. You may then draw your own plan because you have to stay on your own path. If you do that, you will go far on the spiritual path. You have it in you to be a good healer, you will also be able to teach others if you are far enough in your abilities.

Macroglossum: You often take a lot of hay on your fork, but you still manage well. You seem to be able to find the right balance here. Be open to changes because they are about to sprout. You have usually mapped out your way well and you know exactly what you want but then live it. Too often you walk the other way when you actually want something else. Better stand in your own strength and also say no to someone else if this takes you off your path.

Ochlodes sylvanus: You prefer to hide so that no one will bother you, you are very attached to your privacy. Do you like to spend your time alone or with a good friend. If you have too many people around you, you get a bit out of balance. Perhaps a gemstone or mineral is a solution for you. So that you better remain in your own energy, people are less tiring for you.

Papilio machaon: Listen to what music has to tell you and dance to the notes of life. You can see every situation as a song, you have the power in you to write the lyrics that go with it. In this way you can attract what you want, make sure that it also suits you. Make life a party because it is now time that you can enjoy much more. May be present in the foreground, you can also do more and more, show the beautiful you!

Pieris rapae: You are so pure of energy that you can easily feel and/or take over the feelings of others. You have wonderful gifts, an incredibly beautiful talent. Be open to helping others, explore the options you have. Because you have a very clear view on life, you usually see very clearly which path you can walk. Because of your curious nature, you sometimes take a turn that is quite difficult. Your Soul wants to learn a lot, even the less fun things that makes you unique and very powerful.

Polygonia c-album: You have an infectious enthusiasm in everything you do. You possess an enormous dose of passion and that is beautiful to see. Because of your enthusiasm you sometimes go on too long on a project when it would be better to stop. You are always directing everyone so that the work is done professionally and efficiently, you are an excellent manager. You always work hard, hats off to you for what you get.

Polyommatus icarus: You don’t show the back of your tongue so easily. Only when you feel safe enough will you show your beautiful side. You can really shine when you come out of your shell. This is who you really are. Show the real you more often because you are a beautiful person! So spontaneous and cozy, such a warm energy comes from you. You are the sunshine in the house, people feel safe with you because you radiate so much power.

Vanessa cardui: Guard your own boundaries better because there are people in your life who just cross the boundaries. You’re smart enough to see this, and you have all the power to say stop. Do this too so that you maintain control over what you do and don’t want in your life. You are always looking for some kind of balance, there is so much going on in your life that you lose the overview a bit. Take a step back and start organizing your life again, only keep what is healthy for you. Do this step by step and then you will have your balance back in your life.

Vanessa atalanta: Seeing this butterfly brings moments of joy. See life a little more lighthearted sometimes and don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a beautiful person, you can radiate that, show yourself and stand in your power. You really do have that power, you are so enormously strong that you can move mountains. Grab that chance of a new beginning and shine! Don’t get distracted by what others think, just go for your goal the way you want it.